BT 106 PP Non-Drip Handled Cup (150 cc)

106 EGP



  • BabyTime products are produced by using high quality BPA-free raw materials that comply with ISO 9001 standards by completing the permissions of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Customs and Trade, by prioritizing the baby health.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup is very useful thanks to its design. When the baby starts to draw the food from the silicone, the food comes, but when it stops, the cup does not leak and danger or spill becomes impossible.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup is designed to be carried in bags. Thanks to the stylish design of the lid and the channels on the lid, the lid is not opened and is not poured into your bag.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup , the handle design was carefully prepared while it was being designed. Thanks to the recesses in the handle holders, it improves your child’s grip, prevents the bottle from falling from the baby’s hand and prevents the bottle from burning and damaging the hand by holding it while holding hot food.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup entertains your child thanks to its pressures and makes it easy for the child to get food from the bottle thanks to the interesting prints.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cups are produced smoothly to prevent damage to the baby skin. It is made of quality transparent, odorless and tasteless silicone.
  • BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup appeals to every baby with its rich colors and patterns.
  • BabyTime product groups do not contain BPA (Bisphenol-A)
  • Boil BabyTime Bottles in water to sterilize them for 5 minutes before first use.
  • Before each use, inspect the BabyTime Feeding Bottles by pulling them to the left for tear, and clean them before each use.
  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or direct heat.
  • We do not process the BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup in the microwave oven.
  • For the health of your baby, check the temperature before giving the BabyTime Non-Drip Handled Cup to the baby.

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