About us

Al-Libyah for IM&EX

It was established since 2011 with the exclusive agency for WeeBaby products till 2020.

We are one of the leading Egyptian companies in the mother and baby accessories field in Egypt for the past period.

Al-Libya for IM&EX becomes one of the best exporting companies for mother and baby accessories of famous trade mark with the European quality big growth rates during the past ten years which allows Al-Libya Co. to be one of the fastest growing companies for mother and baby accessories in Egypt.

With Special teamwork and more than 100 items of mother and baby accessories satisfy the Egyptian citizen allover Egypt.

Al-Libya co. recently is the exclusive agent for We Babies and Babytime brands in Egypt.

Our Vision

To contribute in drawing a healthy smile on faces of the mother and her baby for a life full of relaxation and happiness.

Our Mission

To reach every mother and baby with healthy safely products make their life happier and healthier.

Our Objectives

To be in every Egyptian city for satisfying all mothers and babies with mother and baby accessories.

To reach the first place in the field of mother and baby accessories during the next five years.

To choose products with a higher diversity match every mother needs during and to help every baby in growing up in a healthy safe way.