BT 195 Practical Breast Pump

195 EGP


  • BabyTime Practical Breast Pumps are your biggest assistant when you can’t breastfeed your baby. Your breast transfers the remaining milk to the bottle quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • BabyTime Practical Breast Pumps can be used both as a milking machine and as a bottle with a bottle cap.
  • BabyTime Practical Breast Pumps are compatible with milk storage containers.
  • BabyTime Practical Breast Pumps are suitable for every breast structure, thanks to its pump, you can milk either slowly or quickly.
  • BabyTime Bottles are designed to be carried in bags. When used with sealing ring, no leakage occurs.
  • BabyTime Feeding Bottles, Thanks to its perfect design, Feeding Bottle Silicone Heads are designed and produced according to the mother’s breast. For this reason, while your child is feeding, the mother will not be disturbed by feeding as if she is breastfeeding.
  • Before each use, inspect the BabyTime Feeding Bottles by pulling them to the left for tear, and clean them before each use.